Path of Exile Guide: What Can You Do with the Exalted Orb

Although this activity is unlikely to bring you a huge amount of currency (unless of course some expensive prophecy doesn’t), it will still help to get a small number of chaos orbs.

When we enter the Path of Exile, we need to get a lot of PoPoE Currency , only when players have enough Path of Exile currency can have a better gaming experience. However, in many cases, the player's Poe currency is not enough, so they can use various methods to get the required Poe currency.

What Can You Do with the Exalted Orb?

Path of Exile stands out from an array of similar games because of its unique currency system. There is no money here. Instead, the orbs fulfill its role. As usual, the currencies vary according to their value: low ones are easy to find and aren’t precious, while high-value ones are rare and basically priceless.

The Exalted Orb, as you could already understand, is from the second group. As it’s similar to golden resources, experienced players never waste it. It’s typically used in two ways:

According to the direct purpose – for crafting exceptional rare items. Using this currency, a player can add a suffix or prefix to a rare item that has an open slot (in other words, the item has less than six affixes).

For selling. Valuable resources are always in demand. Therefore, average players that don’t have the chance to create a high-end rare item usually exchange or trade the Exalted Orb to get themselves something valuable.


Although this activity is unlikely to bring you a huge amount of currency (unless of course some expensive prophecy doesn’t), it will still help to get a small number of chaos orbs. In general, I would single out 2 farm strategies related to Silver Coins.

One of them is the purchase (or honestly collected) of a large number of Silver Coins, and then spam and seal prophecy. What is the essence of this strategy? You close the 6 prophecies slots with the most common prophesies (such as The Lost Maps or The Mysterious Gift), and seek then seal prophecy in the last slot. And here it all depends on your luck – the most expensive ones such as Trash to Treasure, The Queen’s Sacrifice or Fated Connections can also proc. But most likely it will be inexpensive, 3-5 chaos orbs, prophecies, which can be sold to other players. I advise you to check the cost using PoE Trade Macro to save time.

The second option is to perform prophecies on unique items and sell them. The main thing is to check with the help of PoE Trade whether these uniques are worth at least some orbs of chaos. I will give an example. You got prophecy A Vision of Ice and Fire. For killing the boss Sumter the Twisted in Estuary Map, you upgrade Heatshiver to Frostferno. The average cost of prophecy is 3 chaos orbs, Heatshiver is 0.5 chaos orb. But Frostferno in its place costs 20 chaos orbs, depending on the rolls. As I said earlier, although this is not the most profitable occupation, it’s not bad to get an extra dozen of chaos orbs along the way by clearing the map.

Divination Cards

This option is suitable for those who spend most of the time farming a specific pool of cards. As soon as you select the appropriate divination card and map, these cards will have to be cleared more than a dozen, or even hundreds of times. Especially if these are rare and expensive cards, they are unlikely to fall after two or three maps. Divination card drop depends on item quantity bonus, so you should use chisels on your maps to maximize the bonus and so that the card has at least 75+ overall item quantity bonus.

In addition, it is advisable to use sextants with good bonuses, prophecies, master mission and Zana map device mods. Divination Scarabs will give a tangible bonus, but they are not cheap. Therefore, what to use from this list is up to you, because using it all at once, and all the more constantly, may end up being unprofitable if nothing worthwhile falls on maps.

Which divination cards to farm, the choice is yours, but here is a list of the most popular:

The Doctor – set of eight can be exchanged for a Headhunter belt, maps to farm: Burial Chambers and Spider Forest;

The Nurse – set of eight can be exchanged for The Doctor card, maps to farm: Arachnid Tomb and Tower;

The Fiend – set of eleven can be exchanged for a corrupted Headhunter belt, maps to farm: Shrine and The Putrid Cloister (unique map);

The Immortal – set of ten can be exchanged for a House of Mirrors card, maps to farm: The Hall of Grandmasters (unique map, you need special build to farm it);

Seven Years Bad Luck – set of thirteen can be exchanged for a Mirror Shard, maps to farm: Defiled Cathedral;

Abandoned Wealth – set of five can be exchanged for 3 Exalted Orbs, maps to farm: Arsenal, Precinct and Mao Kun (unique map);

The Saint’s Treasure – set of ten can be exchanged for 2 Exalted Orbs, maps to farm: Alleyways, Arcade, Arsenal, Bazaar, Ghetto, Port and Precinct;

The Hoarder – set of twelve can be exchanged for an Exalted Orb, maps to farm: Vault.

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