Best Diablo 4 Druid builds: Pulverize leveling build and storm wolf endgame build

As for passives, Heart in the Wild and Predatory Instinct is at tier two for Spirit total increase and critical strike chance

It's tough in hell for shapeshifters so far—we definitely understand that the best diablo 4 items Druid build are just not putting your points in 'bear'. Instead, try becoming a lightning-based storm druid who can immobilize enemies by chaining together shocking Storm Strike bolts. This build leans towards the endgame, really entering its power after you unlock a massive slew of storm-based passives in the Druid's fifth skill tree node. Notably, even though it doesn't involve a huge amount of beast transformation—sorry, bear fans.

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For leveling purposes, the Pulverize Druid is usually a current crowd favorite build for survivability and much of earth-based damage. Read on to think about our tips for constructing both builds.

Druids are yet to get lots of love in diablo 4 items so far, but builds revolving around the powerful Pulverize ability are still a solid early to midgame choice. Using Pulverize and Trample as active skills and keeping Earthen Bulwark active as frequently as possible will probably be the primary focus for playing this build. Maul because basic skill is negotiable in the majority of variations on this build, you can grab either Earth Spike or Storm Strike instead should they feel better. Poison Creeper's passive ability poisons an enemy in your community every seven seconds however, if activated can immobilize and poison all surrounding enemies, a group control skill that can assist wipe groups. The ultimate ability Grizzly Rage for the damage boost is the most suitable used in groups where successive kills will extend its effects.

Your goal here will likely be tossing around a hell of lots of lightning initially with Storm Strike to create Spirit between uses of Lightning Storm. All the passives, skill upgrades, and legendary aspects here I will discuss aimed at passing along that lightning harm to as many targets as is possible each time you cast so just keep slinging. Throw in your Earthen Bulwark and Blood Howl for defense and healing as required. Remember that your replacement on Blood Howl also generates Spirit.

As for passives, Heart in the Wild and Predatory Instinct is at tier two for Spirit total increase and critical strike chance. Clarity at tier four is the one other way to generate more Spirit. At tier five, grab Crushing Earth and Stone Guard to improve the value of your Earth skills and Neurotoxin and Envenom to synergize along with your Poison Creeper skill.

I'd also recommend looking over the variant on this build in Carthh's Druid build video which specializes even harder in native earth skills. Carthh is definitely some legendary aspects that you have to acquire as random drops however are pretty sick. There's a particularly neat combo using the Aspect in the Trampled Earth which then causes your trample skill to summon six Landslide pillars as well as the Aftershock Aspect which in turn causes those Landslide pillars to look off a second time. The final effect is the fact that Pulverize is really a really intense gallop of earth pillars each and every time you use Pulverize. Also, look for the Shockwave Aspect which generates a forward-facing AOE of harm with Pulverize likewise.

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