Enhance Your Construction Project with Cement Treated Bas

A cement-treated base (CTB) is a type of pavement subbase made by mixing a specific amount of cement, water, and aggregate. CTB is used to provide a stable and durable base layer for roads, parking lots, and other pavements. It has several advantages over traditional subbase materials, suc

CEMENT TREATED BASE construction involves several steps. First, the existing subgrade is prepared by removing any debris, vegetation, or soft soil. Then, the cement, water, and aggregate are mixed together in a specialized mixing plant and transported to the construction site. The mixture is spread over the prepared subgrade in layers, compacted, and cured to achieve the desired strength and stability.

The thickness and strength of the CTB layer depend on the design requirements of the pavement and the expected traffic load. Typically, CTB layers range from 4 to 8 inches in thickness, but they can be thicker in some cases. CTB can be used as a standalone pavement layer, or it can be covered by one or more layers of asphalt or concrete to create a complete pavement system. Overall, CTB is a reliable and cost-effective solution for pavement construction and rehabilitation


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