A linebacker in Madden NFL 24

It's always expected to have some hits and misses when predicting the best linebackers in the game.

In 2022. he became only the eighth running back in Mut 24 coins history to eclipse the 2.000-yard mark. If players are going to be assigned the best X-Factors, the folks designing the game probably owe Derrick Henry every factor a halfback can own. The 96 given to Henry at the game's debut was downright disrespectful and predictably, he's up to a 97. After missing the first half of the season, Henry proved that patience is a virtue by racking up over 900 yards in a mere eight games.

Nobody is asked to do more on defense than a linebacker in Madden NFL 24. They have to stop the run and the pass. They have to blitz and drop back into coverage. The first string wide receiver is just as much their responsibility as the second string halfback. They're assigned to contain the league's fastest QBs and RBs. They have to change their coverage from man to zone on almost every play.

Truly great defenses are built on linebackers, who frequently lead the team in tackles. So anybody hoping to play with a championship team in Madden NFL 24 will want to make sure the linebacker situation is in good shape. These are the best of the best for a position that already requires athletes that are the best of the best.

It's always expected to have some hits and misses when predicting the best linebackers in the game. Ratings are always sensitive subjects and are prone to wild fluctuations. A player can get five sacks in one game and then five sacks for the rest of the season. What's to be made of that? Ten sacks are great, but should the player be elevated in OVR for that one burst game or have the rating sink due to a lackluster stretch?

Give the folks credit, while the top linebackers traded places and moved in buy madden 24 coins OVR, these names were all on the list at the start of the season. The shuffled places have been updated on this list. How's this for domination? In every season of his ten-year career, Bobby Wagner had recorded at least 104 tackles. Wagner was the last remnant of the Legion of Boom, but he's hardly a relic. His 170 combined tackles last year were the highest of his career.


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