Sponsor A Dog – The Tips You Should Know Before Adopting

Recently a puppy is wandering in front of my house, I see when I will feed some food to it, for several days down I kind of want to adopt it...

Adopting a dog can improve the sense of well-being, whether it is living alone or with family, funny dogs stay around can help us relieve stress, especially living alone, a person often feels lonely, if you have the company of a dog, life will be a lot more fun, it will play with you, even if you are busy, will also stay quietly on the side with you. 

Recently a puppy is wandering in front of my house, I see when I will feed some food to it, for several days down I kind of want to adopt it, after all, this little thing is still very cute, will follow me, feel like a stray dog, and I do not know if the owner abandoned or lost. Now the question is if you want to adopt a stray dog, what do you need to prepare, and what other considerations?

  1. Careful decision

Before adopting a dog, determine whether the dog is suitable for adoption.

Because some dogs may have been hurt and abused by humans, if you approach them rashly, it is likely to be directly bitten by them. So when we try to approach the dog, we need to observe whether the dog is barking, tearing, blowing up, etc. If we find that the dog is very unstable, we suggest contacting the shelter to rescue the dog.

Stray dogs are usually adult dogs, and if they already have better excretion and living habits, the adopter will be very patient in their daily upbringing. However, if the dog already has some bad habits, it will take some knowledge and patience to help the dog establish regular and good habits.

Second, take the dog to do body

Before taking a stray dog home, it is recommended that pet owners take their dogs to the vet for a physical examination to determine whether there are parasites on the dog, whether there are infectious diseases or malnutrition, etc.

It is generally recommended to give the stray dog a routine examination, blood test, and fecal examination, the routine examination mainly includes the dog's hair, skin, five senses, oral cavity, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and breathing rate to determine the basic condition of the dog. Blood tests can determine whether the dog has anemia, blood parasite infections, bacterial or viral infections, and normal liver and kidney function.

After the physical examination of the dog, if there is no big problem, you can first take the dog to a bath, because the bacteria on the dog is more, so it is recommended to use special pet sterilization and mite detergent to disinfect the dog, if the pet owner does not prepare these things at home, you can consider directly in the hospital or go to the pet store to wash the dog, after washing and then give the dog a hair trim, and then take the dog home.

Three, dog deworming and vaccinations

Because the dog will be more nervous after returning home, plus the dog and just after a bath, not suitable for deworming. Therefore, it is recommended to wait for a few days for the dog to get used to it and find that the dog's mental state is normal before doing internal and external deworming for the dog.

After deworming, continue to observe the dog for a week, if you find no adverse reactions, take the dog to the vet for vaccination. Dog vaccination can choose canine five, canine six, or canine eight, mainly for the prevention of distemper, microscopic, infectious pneumonia, and other infectious diseases, the first need to inject three shots, interval 21 days a shot. Rabies vaccinations are also given to protect your dog and family.

Four, dietary conditioning and daily training

1、Dietary conditioning

As dogs are often hungry during the wandering period, they will go through the garbage cans to eat some unclean things to eat, which will cause greater damage to the dog's stomach and intestines.

To allow the dog to adjust their eating habits as soon as possible, pet owners in the stray dog home, do not suddenly give the dog to eat a lot of food but need to first feed a small amount, and then gradually give the dog tincreasednutrition. The first phase should take a small number of multiple feeding methods, and after the dog has adapted, and then slowly reduce the number of feedings, and gradually increase the amount of each meal fed so that the dog's gut has a process of adaptation.

2、Daily training

Because the stray dog has been hungry and used to, so after going out will still want to go through the garbage cans, this time we have to stop the dog in time, because the newly adopted dog is difficult to completely listen to the master, so at first we do not rush, try to take the dog around the garbage cans to go. In addition, you should wear a leash when walking your dog to prevent it from running around.

After the dog gradually adapts, the pet owner can give the dog some simple training, such as a fixed-point toilet(Here we recommend teddykala’s robot cat litter box, which can help you solve related problems.

), correct car, sit still, etc., because different dogs have different levels of intelligence, so the pet owner has to have enough patience, and slowly guide the dog to integrate into the family.

These are some of the considerations for adopting a stray dog, I hope you make a good decision to adopt a stray dog, to be responsible for the dog, and do not let it return to the stray life Oh! If you have any other questions, you can leave a message or consult your vet directly in the comments section.


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